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Founded in 1890, Jacob Company (part of the Globetrade Group) is a Belgian team of enthusiastics with a long history and deep expertise in manufacturing bags & fashion accessories. Starting in the leather industry and always responding to trends, we are true journey makers who design, develop and market a diversified portfolio of well-known and popular licensed brands, our own exclusive brands and collections, and private label designs. We create quality on-trend bags & fashion accessories for every target group in the market from toddlers to street rebels, to city-hoppers!

We pride ourselves on being a reliable partner for Disney, Marvel, Universal, Warner Bros, Minecraft and many more, as well as for independent brands and retailers.

We’re a full-service partner to our customers. From ideation, design to sourcing and production, our team of experts is there to assist you in every stage of the product realization. Our team of designers will work directly with your buyers or internal teams to customize and modify pre-designed styles from our extensive range or create your own private label collection.

Founded in 1890

Founded in 1890 and became a member of the Globetrade Group in 2018

Successful in bags and luggage

Successful track record in bags and luggage

Partner for Disney, Marvel, Universal, Minecraft

Reliable partner for Disney, Marvel, Universal, Minecraft and many more...

Expendable warehouse capacity

Expendable warehouse capacity

Inhouse design

Inhouse experienced design- and development team

Social compliance

Manufacturing partners meet all social compliance requirements